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Where’s your own personal online NetWorth Services Grid & filing cabinet area ?

If you don’t have the direct link, you can find it this way.

  1. We can email it to you. Since many email programs will block/spam/reject any email from us that has a link, you will need to email to us first so our email will be on your “white list”, that is, it won’t get rejected. For this method of getting to your file area, please email us at
  2. ————- O R ————-you can simply go to your site right now:
  1. You may want to open an extra web browser window or tab at this time, &/or print out these instructions.
  2. Click on See EXAMPLE Now
  3. Look in the “web address bar”….it starts with “http://” and shows “Cust9999” which is the part of the address information that is specific to your own page/file area.
  4. Delete the “Cust9999“, and replace it with the first 4 letters of your last name, and then the Last 4 numbers of your Social Security number.
  5. Example:  ____  M/M Customer whose SS# is: 123-45-9999, will have a “web address” that has looks like this:  “http://Cust9999…..” with their information inserted in the address
  6. Click enter and you are in !


Your “CLASSIC” online space is still available during change over period.

You recall it looks like:


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